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Reviews in the right place at the right time

Turn reviews into revenue by displaying them on your website — so shoppers have everything they need to reach the order confirmation page.

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Did you know?

73.6% of Trustpilot visitors say they are more likely to make a purchase from a website that's displaying Trustpilot reviews on-site.

* Based on internal survey to 4,027 Trustpilot visitors in May 2018

TrustBox Widgets

Increase conversions and sales on your site

Boost your conversion rates, increase basket size, and reduce cart abandonment by putting TrustBox widgets on your site.

Email Marketing TrustBoxes

Show your true colors in every email

Dynamic Trustpilot widgets for your email signature and email marketing campaigns add a little extra credibility that can make a big difference.

Display API

Create a custom review display

Want to make something unique? With Trustpilot’s API you can create a custom display of your Trustpilot reviews on your site and make your stars shine.

Additional Features

Targeted TrustBox

Show customers the most relevant reviews for them. The Targeted TrustBox displays only your tagged reviews on your site.

Responsive design

All TrustBoxes are responsive. They adapt to fit different screen sizes and can be configured to different height and width attributes for your page.

Product Attribute Ratings

Attribute Ratings give your customers a more detailed view of your products, making it easier for them to choose what to buy.

How it works

1. Choose your TrustBox widget

Filters help you sort through the different TrustBox types, until you find what fits your site best.

2. Configure your TrustBox

Choose from light or dark versions, review filters, SEO options, and a suitable width and height for your site.

3. Get the code

With the click of a button, Trustpilot generates the code for the TrustBox widget you’ve designed.

4. Implement your TrustBox

If you’re using an eCommerce integration, you can drag-and-drop your widget onto your site. Otherwise, simply copy and paste the TrustBox HTML into the BODY of your site where you’d like the TrustBox to be displayed.

See how Protect Line earned a 14% increase in click-through rate on pages with TrustBoxes.

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Marketing Assets

The power of Trustpilot reviews goes far beyond the boundaries of your website. With Trustpilot Marketing Assets, you can add credibility and improve the performance of TV Ads, display ads, retargeting ads, brochures and print media, packaging and delivery boxes.

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Product Reviews

Share product reviews throughout your site to create confidence wherever shoppers are thinking about making a purchase. Match them to the look and feel of your brand, and include customer photos and product attributes.

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